Wedding Lighting and Event Decor for Boston and New England

Wedding Lighting and Event Décor

Cruiseport ADecorative event lighting for weddings, corporate events, school dances and other special occasions is one of the most attractive, cost effective ways to spice-up and decorate your event space.  Lighting transforms ordinary, plain spaces into unbelievable settings. Seacoast Events is your dependable and affordable wedding lighting and event décor solution!  From Wireless LED Uplighting to Bistro Lighting and beyond, we have you covered.  Our team of event professionals will work with you to develop just the right lighting and décor package for your budget and needs.  From simple to elegant, you can count of us for a professional presentation! “When done well, lighting can make everything look better, from your wedding cake to your guests. The right kind of illumination will also get those details you spent hours on noticed.”  Lauren Kay~ Wedding Journalist for The Knot 

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Bistro Lighting

Bistro Lighting is quickly becoming one of our most popular lighting options for weddings and other events!  This simply stated lighting is the perfect solution for brightening your event space inside or outdoors.  Properly placed Bistro Lighting, also known as café lighting or globe lighting, will create ambiance while fitting in with the décor, even in a rustic setting.

Boston Museum of Science Wedding Pavilion with Bistro Lighting

Pavilion with Lighting

Boston Museum of Science Pavlion

Pavilion before Lighting


Wireless LED Uplighting is a beautiful and cost efficient way to transform your venue’s setting.  Our wireless lighting fixtures will create a beautiful backdrop, while discreetly blending into your venues décor. There are no ugly or dangerous cords to worry about, allowing us to place our event lighting almost anywhere.  We always have a lighting technician onsite during your wedding or special event to manage any changes in the lighting, changes can be made remotely creating a seamless transition.  Changing the color or tone is a great way transition during the celebration, such as transforming your venue’s appearance from a soft background during dinner to a more vibrant party atmosphere for dancing.

Illuminated Lanterns

Take your décor and lighting 3D with Seacoast Events’ Illuminated Hanging Lanterns.  Unlike typical paper lanterns, each of our lanterns are illuminated by one of our professional rechargeable lantern fixtures, specifically designed for professional lighting companies.  Your onsite lighting technician can remotely dim your lanterns or switch colors at different points in the night for awe inspiring transitions and lighting displays.  Learn more…

Illuminated Furniture

Seacoast Events’ Lighted Lounge Furniture is the perfect combination of fun and function! Choose from a variety of furniture options, including tables, chairs, stools and bars. Each piece of furniture is equipped with one of our Wireless LED Lighting Fixtures, no plugs or cords needed. Choose from a variety of colors or have the LED Lights set to color roll to create a variety of festive color combinations throughout your event. A few well placed illuminated furniture pieces can transform your event from typical to fabulous!

Custom Monograms

Wedding Lighting Package's Customized Monogram

Custom Monogram Projection

Personalize your Wedding Reception with a Custom Monogram. Monogram projection is currently one of the hottest lighting trends in the wedding industry. Seacoast Events’ lighting professionals can create a custom lighting design with your names, initials and/or wedding date. When projected onto the dance floor or a blank wall within your reception venue, Custom Monograms create a beautiful focal point for your Wedding Celebration!  This accent lighting also provides photo backdrops that are spectacular.


In addition to lighting and illuminated furniture, Seacoast Events also offers draping for your wedding decor and event design needs.  A few well placed draping sections work nicely to divide or partition larger rooms.  Draping is a wonderful solution for items that you wish to discreetly remove from site, such as closet doors or other obstacles for a perfect backdrop. Draping is available in both solid colors and shear.  Shear draping pairs nicely with wireless uplighting to create a beautiful backdrop.

What People are Saying…

We had our wedding at the Charles River Museum in Waltham, and Seacoast Events provided simple white uplighting for the ceremony and colored uplighting for the reception in the same space. Scott at Seacoast Events was very responsive and easy to work with. Tiffany was our on-site coordinator; she was great and flexible. We would highly recommend working with them.   ~Zhara H. (The Knot)

I could not have imagined better service. They were wonderful. The uplights we ordered turned our venue from a “room” to a “reception”. I also had the daunting task of coordinating decorations with a museum that was open to the public just an hour before our reception. As soon as I hired Seacoast they took over and handled all the stress for me. They did their own coordinating with my venue. They hung beautiful lanterns and staged wonderful uplights throughout the museum and stayed the whole night to watch over them and make sure they changed colors. If you are looking for some fun rent the LED furniture!! I was so rememberable! It was so cool. They really transformed our venue from a room to a wedding! I couldn’t have asked for a better vendor to work with!! Thank you Seacoast for being true professionals!!!   ~Lindsey L. (The Knot)