Traveling Ice Cream Cart

Mobile Ice Cream CartThe Mini Melt Man’s Traveling Ice Cream Cart

Treat your guests to something different!  Meet the Mini Melt Man ~ Seacoast Event’s traveling ice cream cart, complete with server, napkins and optional umbrella.  The Mini Melt Man will come to your event and share the ice cream flavored joy of Mini Melts with your guests.minimelts-buckets-gif

Mini Melts’ instantaneous freezing process ensures that the flavors are “locked in” creating a truly delicious ice cream treat.  Traditional ice creams include about 7% butterfat in their products.  These mini delights are frozen at -130 degrees, allowing for double the butterfat which creates double the taste.

Mini Melts unique shape makes it both fun and easy!  Wedding guests dressed in their best and children alike can enjoy these frozen treats while minimizing the mess and stickiness of traditional ice cream.

Seacoast Events serves our Mini Melts for events, weddings, cookouts and fundraisers in pre-cupped packages- complete with spoon.  Our traveling ice cream cart makes a great addition to your event, whether indoors or outside.  Unlike traditional ice cream trucks, The Mini Melt Man’s cart can easily fit indoors allowing your guests to enjoy these ice cream treats right among the action.  Watch your guests smile with excitement as our ice cream server rolls our elegant ice cream cart into the room!

We have a variety of delicious flavors available, including favorites like Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, Banana Split and Mint Chocolate.  Looking for a Dairy Free treat?  Ask about adding our Rainbow Ice to your Mini Melt Menu.

Taste It and See the Difference!  

Contact Seacoast Events and lean more about our mini melt cart!

What People are Saying…

The ice cream melts were a great hit.  I am glad my son and I thought of it.  Of course the kids were all over it, but the adults were amazed too.  Many of them had never seen them before.  I loved the way the spoon was right there when it was opened — very cool.  Plus the cart came, no one was interrupted or disturbed, and then left and again no one was interrupted.  It was seamless and I did not have to do anything (except pick my flavor and enjoy). Thank you again.

~Cheryl (June 11th Bat Mitzvah)