Interactive Game Shows

Team Building Game ShowGame Shows and Team Building Experiences

Seacoast Events has designed a fun and interactive collection of Game Shows for your entertainment and team building needs.  Each Professional Game Show has been designed to challenge your guests while creating a fun and festive entertainment option.


Seacoast Events’ Challenge is fashioned after televisions’ game show where every answer is worded in the form of a question. Each round features multiple subjects with each question having a different value, based on difficulty.

Seacoast Events’ Challenge includes our professional game show host, 4 game show podiums, professional software, 6’x8’ video screen and professional sound system.

Faceoff Feud

Faceoff Feud is fashioned after television’s popular game show where teams compete to answer what the “survey says” collecting points as they go.  The action begins as guests square-off at the game show podium in an attempt to provide the highest ranked answer.  Teams then have the choice to pass or play, gathering points and attempting to complete the survey before collecting that dreaded third strike.

Seacoast Events’ Feud Game Shows include our professional game show host, face-off podium, team counters, game software, 46″ LED television with trussing stand and professional sound system.

Game Show Mania

Seacoast Events’ Game Show Mania allows your teams to compete in a round robin tournament. Each round allows 4 teams to test their knowledge at a variety of popular topics, including such favorites as “name that song”, movie trivia, current events, important people and much more.

Seacoast Events’ Game Show Mania includes our professional game show host, 4 game show podiums, game show setting with uplighting and professional sound system.

Bingo Ball on CardBingo

Bring the fun and excitement of Bingo to your next event!  Seacoast Events’ version of this classic includes our Large Video Screen, Professional Software, Bingo Host, and Professional Bingo Cards and Daubers.

Bingo is great by itself or when added to one of our Casino Nights!

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