Archery Tag

Archery Tag~ Teambuilding Archery Tag~ Extreme Fun!

Seacoast Events’ Archery Tag is part Paintball, part Dodgeball.

Like dodgeball, two teams consisting of five players, play opposite one another.  Each player starts with two foam tipped arrows.  Teams collect points by “tagging” opposing players with their foam tip arrows or by catching the other teams flying arrow.  Tagged players do not leave the field of play, instead they remain playing for the full round, typically 7 minutes in length.

Archery Tag~ The Playing Area:

A space approximately 100′ long by 50′ wide is needed and should be free of windows, low hanging lights and sharp or dangerous items.  Fields, parks, gyms and large multipurpose rooms work very nicely.  The playing area is divided into three parts: two 30′ Long by 50′ Wide Team Areas and one 20′ Long by 50′ Wide Neutral Zone separating the two Team Areas.  Players cannot enter the Neutral Zone, which is designed to keep players a minimum of 20′ from each other for safe play when shooting a foam arrow or being hit by a foam arrow.

Archery Tag~ Winning:

Each Tag is worth 1 point, while a caught arrow is worth 3 points.  The Team with the most points at the end of play wins.

Archery Tag OutsideWhat’s Included:

  • 6 Team Bunkers
  • 10 Archery Tag Bows
  • 30 Archery Tag Arrows
  • 10 Archery Tag Safety Masks
  • 10 Arm Guards
  • 2 Referees/Event Managers
  • Playing Field Markers



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Also Available:

Archery Tag GolfArchery Golf

Seacoast Events’ Archery Golf combines the traditional sport of golf with the fun of archery using our archery bows and foam tipped arrows, making it safe for everyone!

Each shot taken with the archery bow counts as a typical stroke, shots that go out of bounds or into “hazard areas” count as two strokes.  Each player continues to shoot their foam tip arrow until they make contact with the archery target or hole.  The lowest score wins.

Have Seacoast Events’ custom design a package for you and your guests, from 1 hole to a course of 9 holes.


Archery Tag StationArchery Stations

Looking for something more simple for your event?

Seacoast Events can provide the fun and safety of our Archery Tag system in a more relaxed environment with our Archery Stations.  Each station includes our event target, archery bow and 10 foam tip safety archery bows.  Our archery stations work great for corporate events and outdoor barbecues or picnics.  Guests will have the opportunity to try their hand with our Archery System, while testing their skill aiming for targets.  Each package includes one of our attendants.

Each Archery Station requires an area approximately 50′ long by 10′ wide and a minimum of 9′ tall.

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