21 Aug 2015
August 21, 2015

Keep mosquitos off the guest list!

August 21, 2015

Are you keen to have an evening soirée on the deck but afraid pesky mosquitos will spoil your plans? Prepare to protect your guests with these three tips!


Fans are great because in addition to blowing mosquitos of course, they keep your guests cool and comfortable. Box fans can be purchased relatively inexpensively or you can rent larger standing fans if you’re expecting a larger crowd,

Take a Stand Against Standing Water

The birdbaths, empty flowerpots and kiddy pools – anywhere that rain water collects – have got to go! Because mosquitos breed in standing water they are both drawn to it and emerge from it. If you empty out these attractive pools about a week before your party, it will drastically cut down on the pesky presence.

If you can’t expel, repel!

You can blow the bugs away and take care of all the water in your yard but there will always be a few uninvited mosquitoes that crash the party. Tiki torches with citronella can help clear the area (and make for lovely ambiance if it fits your theme.) Plus, it’s a good idea to have bug spray, wipes and other repellants available for guests to use.

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