29 Aug 2015
August 29, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Weddings – Guest Edition!

August 29, 2015

In modern life there are few events more formal than a wedding. Unlike in previous decades though, most people aren’t as accustom to the etiquette or those little rules just aren’t as clear. Here you’ll find the top there questions wedding guests ask after they are invited to these grand celebrations.


I’ve been invited to a wedding. Can I bring a date? 

An easy way to answer this question is to check the invitation. If it’s addressed to you and a significant other, “and guest” or “plus one” you can absolutely invite a guest to join you. If your’s is the only name on the invite, however, it is likely the couple expects you to join them by yourself.

You could contact the bride, groom or parents if they are helping to plan the wedding but be aware, this is generally frowned upon as it puts the hosts in an awkward situation. If you do, and they say, “no,” please don’t argue.

And please don’t be insulted! You are an important member of the guest list and if a wedding was paired down to just the most important people in the couple’s life – you made the cut. Join them solo and meet some new people or if it’s simply too awkward feel free to decline the invitation guilt-free.


I’d like to send a gift but I have no idea where the couple is registered. It’s not on their invite. How do I find out?

Formal wedding invitations traditionally don’t include information about the couple’s registry. Though modern invitations will often include a card with additional information – some even have a corresponding website – and you’ll likely find the information there.

If not, just ask! If you’re close to the couple give them a call or feel free to inquire with the members of the couple’s wedding party or family that your close too.


I’d like to wrap my gift myself (and I wouldn’t mind saving on shipping fees too!) I’m just going to bring it to the wedding. Is that okay?

Sort of? While it’s totally fine to bring a gift to the wedding and there will likely be a table to place it on at the reception it is probably wise to have it sent directly to the bride and groom (or their parents, when appropriate.)

Boxes and envelopes can get lost in the post wedding kerfuffle and no one will have to figure out the logistics of getting the gift home if it’s a larger item.

If you’d like to opt for something easier to mail, a check or gift card tucked in a card is a lovely sentiment. Aim to have any mailed package to the couple before they leave for their honeymoon or shortly after they return.

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