18 Aug 2015
August 18, 2015

Are you ready for orientation?

August 18, 2015

Back to school excitement is building and for college kids – especially incoming freshmen – the excitement is almost uncontainable. But so is the anxiety. After being with the same people throughout high school, young men and women across the country will need to navigate new campuses and get to know new people who will help shape their college experience.

Students who are engaged with school not only academically, but socially are more likely to complete their degree.

This is why the staff and faculty are quick to point out to naysayers that college (and even high school) orientation isn’t just about introducing students to the staff, it’s about introducing them to each other as well! Here are a few activities we suggest to help your students put themselves out there and make new friends.



09URBAN1-master675Giant Chess AAfter students have sat in an auditorium spending time getting to know their new school, it’s time to get out and get moving.

Larger than life field sports; like zorbing, archery challenges, giant twister and others are fun to watch and fun to play! Students interact with each other and share laughs while having oversized fun.


Sand ArtCORP_GameShowThere’s nothing like teaming up to form a life time bond and we have some teambuilding games that will get your art students gabbing and history majors gabbing with the chemistry and sports medicine students in no time! We suggest getting teams together for sand castle making contests or organizing a trike soccer tournament or a “student vs. faculty” trivia championship for fun and prizes!


Partee120719_193906Throw a great, big get-to-know-you bash for students and provide plenty of activities so new students have something to chat about. Big gyms and event halls are great to house the entire student body and can accommodate larger activities (like the zorbing and inflatable games we mentioned before) but a small event space on campus is perfect for face to face time. From airbrushed tattoos that make great conversation starters to virtual sports that get everyone talking and photo booths with fun props so students can remember the day their first week jitters went away!

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